OCTOBER 23 2021 H 20:30 cet


Franz Joseph Haydn

octobre 23 2021 h 20:30


azione teatrale in two parts
libretto by Pietro Metastasio
musica Franz Joseph Haydn
Bärenreiter-Verlag, Kassel
Casa Musicale Sonzogno di Piero Ostali, Milano

Costanza Giuseppina Bridelli
Silvia Anna Maria Sarra
Gernando Kristian Adam
Enrico Christian Senn

Dolce Concento Ensemble
Jacopo Raffaele fortepiano

conductor Nicola Valentini
director, set, lighting and video Luigi De Angelis

drammaturgy and costumes Chiara Lagani
director and video assitant  Andrea Argentieri
production director  Giuliana Rienzi

filming with drone Klaudio Sota
shoes Emanuela Dall’Aglio

new production Teatro Alighieri di Ravenna
in coproductino with Opéra de Dijon
in collaboration with Fanny & Alexander




Early nineteenth century: after more than one hundred years of life the Communicative Theatre, made entirely out of wood, was collapsing and the Public Administration decided to build a new facility. The first step was to identify an adequate area: Piazzetta Degli Svizzeri, a squalid square surrounded by slums but placed at the very heart of the city, was the chosen place. In 1838, the project was entrusted to two architects from Veneto, the brothers Tomaso and Giovan Batista Maduna. The former had ministered to the restauration of La Fenice, the most famous theatre in Venice, which had been partially destroyed by a fire. Tomaso Meduna also signed the project of the first railway bridge connecting Venice to the mainland. Under the lead of the two architects, the building which resulted was a neoclassical structure very similar to the Venetian theatre. The apostolic delegate Monsignor Stefano Rossi suggested to dedicate the theatre to Dante Alighieri.

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