Il Pipistrello (The Bat)
Operetta in three acts
Libretto by Carl Haffner and Richard Genée
Music by Johann Strauss II

Performance in Italian with English subs

Conductor Sasha Yanchevych
Director Cesare Lievi
Chorus Master Gea Garatti Ansini
Sets and costumes Luigi Perego
Lights Luigi Saccomandi
Choreography Irina Kashkova
Assistant director Mirko Rizzi
Assistant choreographer Daniele Palumbo

Characters and performers
Gabriel von Eisenstein Mert Süngü
Rosalinde Mihaela Marcu
Frank Nicolò Ceriani
Prince Orlofsky Miriam Albano
Alfred Francesco Castoro
Dr. Falke Birger Radde
Dr. Blind Salvatore Grigoli
Adele Sara Fanin
Ida Francesca Micarelli
Frosch Vito

Riccardo Dell’Era, Filippo Ferretti, Daniele Giuliani, Daniele Palumbo

Students of the Academy of Musical BSMT of Bologna

In collaboration with The Bernstein School of Musical Theater of Bologna

New production by Teatro Comunale di Bologna with Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova
Orchestra, Chorus and Technicians of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna



The Viennese composer’s masterpiece, on a libretto by Carl Haffner and Richard Genée from the French play Le réveillon by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy, is offered in the Italian rhythmic edition by Gino Negri-as it was also for the 1979 TCBO performance-and with Italian dialogue by Cesare Lievi.

“My directing Konzept,” Lievi comments in the auditorium notes, “stems from the idea that the title of the operetta could be ‘The Bat, or the Ostrich.’ All the characters in this play are ostriches, in fact they deceive each other, betray each other, are disloyal to each other and yet they do not want to see the situation, to see what they really are. Deceiving themselves,” the director further explains, “they constantly put their heads in the sand. Maybe they can’t stand their own reality, because if they acknowledged it they would understand that they can’t continue living like this.” The director from Lombardy, who has collaborated with such prestigious musical entities as the Wiener Staatsoper, Teatro alla Scala and the Metropolitan Opera in New York, returns to work with the Bologna theater after Britten’s Peter Grimes in 2016.






Constructed to propose and offer Italian melodrama, the Teatro Comunale contains not only its own but also the history of the whole city as it stands precisely where the splendid and admired  Palazzo dei Bentivoglio once stood. The Comunale, from its beginnings, became the principal theatre of a city which, from the late 17th century to the triumphant era of Casa Ricordi and the industrial publishing houses, has played an essential role in the production of Italian opera. The theatre from when it was first opened dominated a city that was home to an impressive number of agents, entrepreneurs, singers, dancers, musicians, designers, stage and costume renting firms as well as being the seat of the influential Accademia Filarmonica which, amongst others, awarded a diploma to one of the pupils of  Padre Martini, a 14-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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